Soft Skirts for Spring 

Since shorts are not my thing…(we will discuss more around that another time 🙂 )…I am often challenged on what to wear during the weekend. Denim is always an option, but sometimes too warm for Miami and while I like cute workout clothes, I usually do not wear them outside the gym. I am a bit old fashioned in that way and typically like to be more “dressed” when I go out. Which is why soft and casual skirts are an excellent option. 

Style & Life Blog: Soft Skirts for Spring

This soft skirt is made from a blend of cotton and spandex. It is stretchy, comfortable and just stylish enough that I feel pulled together for running errands.  Both skirt and top available at anthropologie.com.    

Style & Life Blog: Soft Skirts for Spring

This skirt is dressier and not quite right for errands but certainly perfect for lingering over lunch and a glass of wine. The soft leopard print makes it easy to dress up or down. Add a pop of color with either your shoes or bag for some fun. Top and skirt available at anthropologie.com, bag available at nordstrom.com

Shop these styles and more below. Stay gorgeous friends!





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