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One Good Thing

It has been AWHILE since I have written a kindness post. Primarily because I am working on an exciting initiative that I will be announcing in the next couple of months. In the interim, I do not want to lose sight that small kindnesses can make a huge impact.

Lately, life seems to be taking a toll…the daily grind…the juggling of roles…being a mom, wife, executive and entrepreneur sometimes leaves me feeling exhausted and uninspired. I love everything I am doing but sometimes the sum of it all is A LOT. That being said, I am acutely aware of how fortunate I am. When I go down the list, the amount of things for which I have to be grateful is endless…living in a free country, my facilities, amazing family, incredible career…the list goes on and on. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I never want to lose sight of that. Keeping that in the forefront of my mind is a skill that I am working to master. Deep down, I know it, but there are days when I just don’t feel it.

I was particularly cranky one Sunday evening when flying to New York which made me annoyed with myself so I decided to try something to break the cycle. I challenged myself to think of one good thing about everyone I saw or came my way. I ended up having a blast passing out mental compliments to people …“great shoes!”, “that was so kind of you”…you get the idea. By the time, I got on the plane, I was in a fantastic mood. So, I have been doing this more recently. It has helped challenging work relationships and made me more empathetic to others that otherwise may have annoyed me. I will not lie. It is not always easy but I keep my goals small…just one thing. The great part is that I am so busy looking for small things to celebrate, it distracts me from thinking negative thoughts or getting frustrated over minor things. 

It occurred to me that if we all looked for just one good good in each other, we would find more in common with each other than we may ever realize. And if the world has more love, harmony and kindness…well, I see no harm in that.

Spread the love, friends, and look for one good thing!