Style & Life: Mini Blueberry Pie Recipe


Mini Blueberry Pie Recipe 


Want to wow your guests with a festive dessert for 4th of July? Then look no further…this mini blueberry pie recipe is a simple, fun and delicious dessert to serve or bring to your holiday gatherings. I was inspired to make this recipe from a Highlights magazine as an activity with my daughter…and, as we started making it, it evolved into this blog post.   

sStyle & Life Blog: Mini Blueberry Pie Recipe



2 packages prepared pie crusts (I use Pillsbury)

3/4 cup sugar 

1/2 cup flour

heaping teaspoon of cinnamon

6 cups of blueberries

1/4 pat of butter for each mini pie (I use Plugara)



Preheat oven to 400° Fahrenheit. First, cut circles out of pie crust and place them into the mini pans. I highly recommend this circle cookie cutter set from Williams Sonoma.  It has 11 sizes, which is probably every size you will ever need. Based on your mini pie pan, use whatever size fits best. 

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, except the butter and divide into the mini pie pans.  Place the 1/4 pats of butter on top of each mini pie. Cut a bunch of sizes of stars out of the remaining pie crust (I used this set of star shaped cookie cutters)and brush with the melted butter.  Cover with foil and place in oven.  Bake for 10-20 minutes covered and then another 10-20 uncovered. Check on it every 10 minutes to assess progress…time varies based on the thickness of crust and stars. Makes 18-24 depending on the size of your mini pie pans. 


Style & Life Blog: Mini Blueberry Pie Recipe


Just pack in a pretty pastry box and enjoy with your friends and family!