Letters to my Daughters

Letters to my Daughter

Just as everyone says…having a child changes you and your view of the world instantly. After having Celine last December, I see everything in a new light. It is refreshing to have someone so pure, so innocent, so full of curiosity in your world because it gives you a renewed sense of hope, a fresh perspective on life and a depth of love that words cannot describe.  

I am always wondering who she will be at different phases of life and what she will need. The feelings I have are so overwhelmingly good that I feel the need to get them out…and, so, I have started a tradition of writing her a letter once a month…maybe more, if I have a lot say. I tell her what she is doing, how she is developing, what has happened and I tell her how I feel about her and what I want for her life. I plan on doing this as she grows up and then having all of them put into a beautiful book as a souvenir of my love for her.  

It has been so fun to have her in our life and I am constantly thinking of new traditions and ideas to build a life that integrates meaning, kindness and looks to extend love wherever possible.

What traditions can you start for your loved ones? What will touch them and create lasting memories and love? I am always looking for new ideas and would love to hear yours in the comments below.