Giving Back through Amazon Smile

Unsure if everyone uses Amazon to the degree that I do…when I need household items, to send a gift, order supplies for my daughter or make purchases on Shopbop (wink wink)…often, the first place I go is Amazon.

My husband has titled me the CJO of our family…Chief Juggling Officer. I suspect many of you are also juggling family, friends, career and hobbies. Which is why Amazon is a godsend. Spending time in stores purchasing paper towels, diapers or going to the post office is not how I want to spend my free time. I want my weekends to be spent with the people I enjoy…at the park with my daughter, at lunch with friends or on a date with my husband. I try to not place more than one order a day but I have been guilty (primarily during those newborn days) of placing 3-4 orders in a day.

One program I have been participating in for a few years is Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way to support your favorite charitable organization at no cost or effort to you. I support International Crisis Aid Inc, the non-profit organization that my parents started ( You simply have to visit Amazon Smile and select the charity you wish to support and 0.5% of the purchase price on eligible items will be donated to your charity.

Another convenience courtesy of Amazon. Visit to select your charity today and add a positive benefit to your shopping habits.