Style & Life Blog: Extending Kindness at Thanksgiving
Extending Kindness at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always a been a favorite holiday of mine. I love Christmas but sometimes feel that gift giving becomes a silly gift card exchange or time to exchange unneeded and unwanted items just for the sake of going through the motions.

Growing up, my parents always hosted Thanksgiving…it was “our” holiday and I have fond memories of family and friends coming over and spending the entire day chatting, laughing and eating. Thanksgiving is a time to come together in the spirit of gratitude with family and friends to eat a delicious meal. So simple and beautiful.

However, there are many that do not have these kinds of holidays. Many are lonely, hurting and hungry. Why not start a tradition of extending kindness to someone who wont be enjoying the holiday the way you may be?

Here are some ways to extend kindness to others at Thanksgiving.

Invite a colleague, friend or neighbor to join your Thanksgiving meal Most of us know at least one person who will not be with loved ones this holiday. Extend the invitation and welcome them into your celebration.

Visit elderly people at a nursing home. his is something that does not cost money, just your time and maybe an uncomfortable moment. Many elderly people are alone for the holidays and would welcome sincere care and concern about their well being.

Make meals for the homeless.

There are many organizations nationwide that help the homeless. We live in an area where there a number of homeless people and will be creating bags of hot meals and passing them out to individuals who live on the street

Participate in a food drive at your work, church, synagogue or local charity .

Donate to an organization of your choice.

It is in giving that we truly receive. 

I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.