Style & Life Blog: An Elegant Thanksgiving Set Up


An Elegant Thanksgiving Appetizer Set Up

Entertaining is one of my favorite things to do so I am excited to host Thanksgiving again this year. When our family is sitting around the table chatting and laughing, I always sit back and take it in for a few moments. I feel that when you look back at life you tend to remember things through rose-tinted glasses so I try to capture that feeling in the moment and not just when looking back. 

Last year, I created a chic tablescape for our dinner. Since then, we since have updated our balcony with a pretty wall covered in greenery so I want to serve appetizers outside on the balcony this year. 

Style & Life Blog: An Elegant Thanksgiving Set Up

 Appetizers for Thanksgiving can be tricky…while you can certainly get elaborate, preparing a simple cheese and charcuterie board, some nuts and caprese skewers will suffice. None of these items require cooking (which is perfect since the oven is usually occupied) and can be prepared in advance. 

Style & Life Blog: Elegant Thanksgiving Appetizer Set Up

Traditional Fall decor in warm tones like brown, yellow and orange do not compliment my condominium well so I opted for this rose and hydrangea garland. I used marble serving pieces, candles and this fun white pumpkin.  

Style & Life Blog: An Elegant Thanksgiving Appetizer Set Up

Make your Thanksgiving special and surprise guests with your version of this elegant Thanksgiving appetizer set up! It is the perfect way to start your celebration and gets everyone in a festive mood.