Canasuc “The Art of Sugar”

After enjoying an afternoon of macarons and champagne at Laduree on the Champs Elysee one fall day (their champagne bar is divine), we were wandering in and out of shops and I discovered these beautiful little sugars that are made in different shapes…hearts, butterflies…all kinds of fun pieces. Of course, I had to purchase a few boxes. These are my favorite finds when traveling…unique items you haven’t found elsewhere.

Upon returning, I researched the company a bit more and learned that Canasuc was founded in the early 1990’s when Pierre Bosc-Bierne was enamored with the candy stick. The small sugar cane “canne a sucre” in French became the name of the company. They have a lovely assortment of candy sticks, decorated sugar and molded sugar and have transformed something that could be basic…a sugar bowl or packet into a piece of art.

These are an elegant addition to a brunch or after dinner coffee. Each time I serve them, they are always a conversation piece. I order from Selfridges as is not yet shipping to the US.

Hope you try these sweet treats for your holiday celebrations!