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There is nothing more important for a healthy, glowing complexion than making sure your skin is properly moisturized. Dry skin emphasizes wrinkles and creates an aged appearance. The skin on the face is more delicate than anywhere else on the body so it is important to find moisturizers that are effective for you.

In the past, I struggled with dry skin. I used to travel 2-3 weeks per month and found that the change in climate and time on airplanes dried and dehydrated my skin. I tried a variety of expensive oils, serums and creams but my skin continued to be sallow and dry. I discovered Soveral skincare on Pinterest one evening and decided to try it after a bit of research. The first products I tried were the facial oils and moisturizers. I was instantly hooked because after using them for a week I noticed a significant difference in the texture of my skin and received a number of comments from friends and family.

In order to properly nourish the skin, you should cleanse and tone (or, rather, balance the PH) prior to moisturizing. This skin is most receptive at this time so you should first apply facial oil, and then a moisturizer which serves as a protective layer to the skin.

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Soveral facial oils are the only oils I have been able to use. They absorb easily into my skin and leave it smooth and hydrated. I used to be against using facial oils because I had tried some that would sit on top of the skin and never absorb. What I have learned since using Soveral oils, is that it is important to use high quality, plant-based oil. Many facial oils on the market today are made of synthetic polymers (which plastic is made from) and petrochemicals (made of petroleum mineral oil)l…which is why they do not properly absorb and, ultimately, do not hydrate and nourish the skin. Soveral blends contain antioxidants and natural vitamins which support an even complexion and firmer skin. They contain a blend of active essential oils which stimulate detoxification and regeneration of the skin.

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After applying my facial oil, I like to give it a minute to absorb and then I apply my moisturizer. Moisturizers provide hydration and protect the skin throughout the day.

The Formula 1 and 2 moisturizers have a whipped, luxurious feel. They are made from sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, mango butter and contain active vitamins and essential oils that will help fight against pollution, dehydration, fatigue and stress. One tip in making sure you have the right moisturizer is if your skin feels tight, dry or greasy after 5 minutes your moisturizer than it is likely it is not right for your skin.

Give these oils and moisturizers a try…I hope they will be as effective for you as they have been for me.






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