Style & Life Blog: 2018 End of Year Reflections


2018 End of Year Reflections 

I have procrastinated writing this post because I am in a bit of denial that the year is over. I constantly feel that time is going too quickly and that I can’t catch up…being a planner and someone who likes to accomplish things, it frustrates me a bit because I did not accomplish everything I wanted.

While this year was amazing, it went differently than expected. There were some amazing things that happened and there are still a lot of things that I am continuing to work on in 2019. 

Early in January 

I started 2018 planning to keep my corporate job for one more year. I wanted to stay there and continue growing Style & Life. The second week of January, the company told me I needed to spend significantly more time in New York and I could no longer work remote two days per week.  Both were deal breakers.  Time is too precious to spend being away from my family that much. 

 Initially, I was devastated. I had a great income with benefits and did not feel I had the energy to find something new. I wanted to maintain “status quo” so I could spend my spare time on Style & Life, not finding a new job. However, after an evening of venting and complaining, I woke up and went to work out. While I was on the treadmill, I remembered what I have heard Tony Robbins say. He asks “If life is always happening for you, then what does that mean?” It instantly changed my perspective. At that moment, I regained my power and decided to move on. The cost was too great and I would not sacrifice my core values. 

I will not say it has been easy…taking a pay cut, working in a new role, but I am living consistently with what I believe is right. I am consulting for an amazing company who treats their employees well and has a growing business. And I have more time for my family and Style & Life. 

So that was how 2018 started! It was surprising but I am grateful for the way everything transpired.

Style & Life 

We had some Style & Life milestones for which I am so grateful. To start, my brand ambassadorship with Soveral skincare. My goal is to bring my readers products I truly believe in. I am a huge advocate for skincare and have used Soveral products for many years. I feel so honoured to work with them.  We also did our first videos…there is so much to learn about creating videos and many more ideas but we started.  I also had the opportunity to participate in an amazing charity event, did my first personal appearance and a collection of other amazing sponsorships. I love my Style & Life work and am happy to see it resonate with you and companies. 

I did not…

However, I want more. We always will. I launched a well campaign…the effort and results have been dismal. I wanted to take better care of myself…in reality, I probably did less for myself than last year. Nor did I get consistent with my workouts or lose the weight. 

For 2019, I am working on…

While I have a set of business goals that I want to achieve, I am approaching my personal goals from a different perspective. I have a clear vision of who I want to be, how I want to feel and what I want to accomplish. Instead of having this huge push of effort, I am working on being peaceful and consistent. Staying in a place of feeling grateful, healthy and happy.  I want to approach making changes from the inside so that all of the changes are lasting. 


I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!